Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I have errors indicating "askReports," "askFriendsForEnergy," 'sendGift," "postFriendBeaten," how can I solve them?

We wish to provide all our players with the best possible gaming experience. We are aware that some of you experience some issues and we are working hard to improve the game to reduce their occurrences.
However, if you have received one of the following error messages, it might be due to a browser extension conflict:
  • Error Info: "askReports"
  • Error Info: “askFriendsForEnergy”
  • Error Info: “sendGift”
  • Error Info: “postFriendBeaten”
We have found that some antivirus and adblock browser extensions may block the game from functioning properly. 
To resolve this issue, we recommend disabling any antivirus or adblock extensions (such as Norton, Avast, McAfee and Adblock) that are installed on your browser.

How do I access my internet browser extensions?

  • In Chrome: “Tools” > “Extensions”
  • In Firefox: “Tools” > “Add-Ons” (or use the shortcut Control+Shift+A) and go to the “Extensions” and “Plugins” tabs
  • In Internet Explorer: “Tools” > “Manage Add-Ons” > “Toolbars and Extensions”
  • In Safari: “Preferences” and go to the “Extensions” Tab
After disabling the necessary extensions and restarting your browser, your game should return to normal.

An error message example:
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