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Why should I get a Police Dog and how do I get one?

A. Why I should get a Police Dog

Police Dogs can help you find additional items (Orange Juice, Energy, Coins, Lucky Cards), called "Lucky Find", at the end of every Crime Scene you investigate (hidden objects, puzzles, differences etc.).
The "Lucky Find" you get depends on the Special Skills of the dog you adopted (see below). Each Dog has its own Special Skill which is described under its picture in the Police Dog Shop. 
You can also see this Special Skill in the Dog's menu once you have adopted one.
Most Dogs can find 2 different things, but some are specialized in finding 1 particular item.
  • The German Shepherd can either find 1 000 Coins or a Lucky Card.
  • The King Charles Spaniel will either find 15 more Experience Points for you to collect, or a Lucky Card.
B. How do I get a Police Dog
There is one Police Dog Shop in each District.You can go back to the Districts you have already finished to unlock a Dog Shop there. There is no limitation of level.
To access a Police Dog Shop you will need a certain amount of Gold Medals (click here to learn more about Gold Medals):
  • 2 Gold Medals in District 1
  • 12 Gold Medals in District 2
  • 22 Gold Medals in District 3
  • 32 Gold Medals in District 4
Most Dogs can be purchased with Coins, but a few of them can only be bought with Cash (click here to know more about Cash).
Please note that Dogs can go anywhere on the map, they are not limited to the area where they were purchased.

a. Adopting a Dog

Once you have the required amount of Gold Medals to unlock the Dog Shop, follow these steps:
1. Go to your game map and click on the dog icon in any District you have access to.
2. The Police Dog Shop appears in a pop-up. Choose the dog you want and click on "Adopt".
If you do not have enough Coins to get the Dog you want, you can buy more (click here to know more about Coins).
3. A new pop-up appears, asking you to confirm the action. Click on "Confirm".
4. Another pop-up appears, asking you to equip the dog. Click on "Equip now".
5. A final pop-up opens, letting you know that your dog is now equipped. Click on "Continue".

b. Equipping a Dog

Equipping a Dog means that the Dog becomes your partner for future Crime Scenes, until you decide to unequip it.
To equip a Dog (if it is not already the case) or change from one Dog to another, follow these steps:
1. Go to your game map and click on the dog bowl icon on the left.
2. The Dog House appears. Click on the green arrows at each side of the pop-up to select the Dog you want.
3. When your Dog is selected, click on the "Equip" button.
4. A pop-up appears to tell you that your Dog is now equipped. Click on "Continue".
C. How do I make my Police Dog evolve
Making your Dog evolve will improve its Special Skill, which means that you will increase your probability of getting Lucky Finds.

a. You can increase your Police Dog's Loyalty

Once you have adopted one or more Dogs from the Pet Shops, you will be able to make them evolve by increasing their Loyalty.
The progression of your Dog's Loyalty can be followed by checking the Loyalty bar in the Dog House.

You can increase your dog's level of Loyalty by feeding it.
To feed your Dog, please follow these steps:
1. Click on the dog bowl icon on the left of your game map.
2. Use the green arrows to select the Dog you want to feed.
3. Choose some food for your Dog
  • The Bone gives 1 Loyalty point and is eaten in 5 minutes
  • The Fish gives 5 Loyalty points and is eaten in 4 hours
  • The Chicken wing gives 10 Loyalty points and is eaten in 12 hours
  • The Ham gives 10 Loyalty points, costs 5 Cash and is eaten instantly
4. Once your Dog has finished its meal, you can immediately give it another one.
  • Bones are the best food to give to your Dogs while you are playing, as you can go back and feed them often and easily.
  • The Chicken wing is the best food to give to your Dog before going to sleep, as it takes longer for your Dog to finish it.
  • A dog can still find Lucky Finds while eating its meal.

b.  Your Police Dog can level up

When your Dog's Loyalty bar is full, it will gain a Loyalty level and its abilities will improve. In addition, your Dog will grow up when it reaches the 3rd and 5th Loyalty levels, getting a new appearance!
Once it reaches Loyalty level 5, your Dog has reached its highest Loyalty level and cannot improve its Special Skill any further.
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